750 DCD - "Pamela" - our 1963 Leyland L2 Leopard with classic Harrington Grenadier/Cavalier luxury touring bodywork, seating just 28 people 2 + 1 abreast in Chapman armchair reclining seats. These seats are still unbeaten for comfort - offering greater width and legroom, plus headrests that give support whilst offering maximum visibility through the large windows.


One of a fleet of superb coaches that was operated by the former Southdown Motor Services of Brighton, for decades the premier British tour operator and whose livery it bears . . . I remember this coach being delivered new, when I worked for the company.


Air-over-leaf suspension, legendary Leyland 4 speed gearbox and 600 engine (rebuilt and uprated to 680), 2-speed rear axle offering 1 in 3 gradeability and relaxed cruising.


Inside "Pamela" only 3 seats per row rather than the usual 4, giving you more room to sit in comfort.



"Pamela" at the Duisdale Hotel, Isle of Skye.