"Janice" gets off the beaten track


GDM 494 - "Janice" - 1950 Leyland Tiger PS2 with classic Harrington (of Hove) high quality touring bodywork. The timber-framed bodywork was recently rebuilt - over a period of four winters - at a cost of £50,000.


Built to the length and 7'6" width limit of its time, it is capable of going to the remotest areas. An efficient, durable and highly practical coach, offering superb heating and ventilation. Fitted with a sliding roof and half-drop windows. 'Modern' coaches cannot compete!


The "Leopards" (see Pamela, Brighton Belle) were a modern development of the "Tiger" and are similarly durable and practical. "Janice" is based on the Isle of Harris in summer.


"Janice" at Tobermory on the Isle of Mull